Cookies and their advantages

Our site uses cookies, like most other internet sites, in order to offer the best browsing experience. Cookies are small text fields placed on your computer or phone when you surf the internet. Our cookies help us:

  • Make our site work optimally and in the way you wish
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We do not use cookies to:

  • Store personal data (without your express consent)
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You can obtain more information about cookies below

Allow the use of cookies

If the software you use to visit this website (your browser) is set to accept cookies, it means that you also accept their use. If you wish to remove or not use cookies from this site, the procedure is described below; however, this also means that the site will not work properly.

More information about Cookies

The functions of cookies on the website

Our cookies

We use cookies to ensure that our site works, including:

  • Determine whether you are logged in or not
  • Remember your search criteria
  • Allow you to add comments to our site

There is no way to avoid the use of these cookies other than by leaving the site.

Social Website Cookies

This means you can easily add "Likes" or share our content on social networks.

Cookies are set by:

The privacy implications of these social networks will vary depending on each social network itself and will also depend on the privacy settings you have made on them.

Cookies for anonymous visitor statistics

We use cookies to obtain a statistical overview of visits to our site, such as: how many people visit the site; which technologies they use (e.g. Mac or Windows) and this helps us to identify if the site does not work correctly with such technologies; the time people spend visiting our site and which pages are the most interesting, etc... All this helps us improve our site on a continual basis.

We use:

Turning Cookies Off

You can generally disable cookies through the settings in your browser. (See here)). However, doing so will limit the functionality of our site and most other websites since cookies are by now standard for modern sites.